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The government has approved a legislative decree for the issuance of bonds and stocks in the form of tokens, utilizing blockchain technology. Together with Daniele Marinelli, owner of the Ushare brand and CEO of DTSocialize, let’s delve into what this entails.

Blockchain: stocks and bonds transform into Tokens

Finally, in our country, we are witnessing a convergence between traditional finance and blockchain technology. Today, we can attribute this to the implementation of a European regulation that will enable the exchange of certain financial instruments (stocks and bonds) in the form of tokens. We are talking about a legislative decree approved by the government “introducing urgent provisions on the issuance and circulation of certain financial instruments in digital form and the simplification of FinTech experimentation.”

Italy has also adapted to the new EU Regulation

All European Union countries were required to publish, by March 23, the national rules by which Regulation (EU) 2022/858 becomes applicable in national legal systems. This step is crucial, especially for market infrastructures based on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), the technology underlying the well-known blockchain. In Italy, two excellent pieces of news have emerged through this innovation. The first is that we will no longer be at a disadvantage compared to our European competitors, while the second is that we will not risk being involved in an infringement procedure by the European Union.

Which other instruments can become tokens

Not only stocks and bonds, but the legislative decree has also provided for the issuance, negotiation, and regulation of transactions of other securities in the form of Ushare token value. Among these, the legislative decree mentioned:

  • Debt securities issued by limited liability companies;
  • Other debt securities that can be issued under Italian law;
  • Deposit receipts related to bonds and other debt securities;
  • Instruments of the money market regulated by Italian monetary law;
  • Shares or units of Italian collective investment undertakings.

The regulatory sandbox

Another aspect addressed by the legislative decree is the regulatory sandbox, a digital environment used to “test innovative digital solutions through constant dialogue with supervisory authorities.” Thanks to this environment, various fintech companies scattered throughout our country can test the operation of their products or services in a secure environment without the risk of entering the market and being subsequently sanctioned.